10 Household Items You Should Buy on Amazon to Save Money

I’ve already expressed my love for Amazon and Amazon Prime. I love that I can depend on the online service to keep my home stalked up with essentials and it’s just so darn convenient.

Over the years that I’ve been using Amazon Prime, I’ve found so many everyday items that I can purchase through Amazon that save money, and can even be set up to ship on a subscription so I don’t have to think about reordering. Here are ten of my favorite household items you should be buying on Amazon too.

*This is not a sponsored post and my opinions are all my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

1) Lightbulbs

Amazon Edison Bulb

I hate spending money on things like light bulbs. We recently switched some of our fixtures over to Edison bulbs which are pricey. I found the best deal on Amazon for these bulbs and they came packaged up well to prevent them from breaking during shipping. You can also easily find some of the harder to find bulbs like halogen bulbs or dimmable bulbs.

2) Air Filters

amazon air filter

Our last home had a furnace with a hard to find air filter, my husband once drove 45 minutes to a specialty shop to pick one up. After that, I easily found the model number on Amazon and we were able to order it right away. It also cost less.

3) Refrigerator Water Filter

water filter amazon

Most of the new refrigerators have water and ice in the door now. You’ll need to replace the water filter a few times a year and you can easily find your replacement filter for less on Amazon. I’ve used generic filters and they’ve always worked fine.

4) Pillows

amazon pillow

Did you know you should replace your pillows at least once a year? Every six months is optimal, especially if you have allergies. You can find a ton of pillow choices on Amazon for great prices. I have also purchased pillow forms for throw pillows in a variety of sizes, priced much lower than at a traditional store.

5) Magic Erasers

magic eraser amazon

If you’re like me, you use magic erasers for everything. Fun fact: magic erasers are made of melamine foam. Melamine foam is not expensive. You can buy generic magic erasers aka. melamine foam cut up for a screaming deal on Amazon. Like this pack of 20 for just $11.95. You’re welcome!

6) Razors

gillette fusion razor cartridge

Razors are spendy. I did a little research and the blade refills that my husband uses are much cheaper on Amazon, especially if you choose the subscription option.

7) Toothbrush Heads

toothbrush heads amazon

If you use an electric toothbrush, you can pick up replacement heads on Amazon for a lower cost that you’ll find in the stores. They also have generics available.

8) Frames

picture frame amazon

I bought a print from Etsy recently and the shop owner included a nice note that recommended looking at Amazon for picture frames. I hadn’t even thought to shop there first and I’m glad I did, so many options and at great price points.

9) Cell Phone Cases and Phone Accessories

cell phone case amazon

If you lost your phone charger or need a new case, you’ll find plenty to choose from. I also found a replacement charger for my Fitbit when it stopped working.

10) Silicone Baking Mats

silicone baking mats amazon

I LOVE these silicone baking mats and use them almost everyday, and they were so inexpensive compared to the brand name version. Food never sticks to them and they keep my baking sheets looking good.

Those are my top ten, what did I miss?

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