A Love Letter to Amazon Prime

Dear Amazon Prime,

We’ve been together for a few years now, and oh how our love has grown. I admit, I was scared at first. I was cold to commitment and had been burned before by annual contracts. But you proved your worth, one shipment at a time.

Thank you helping me through so many slip-ups from “mom brain”. When I forgot about a certain someone’s birthday only two days away, you delivered. You have swooped in and rescued time and time again. When I simply CANNOT conceive of dragging my children to the store for paper towels and school supplies and *gasp* boxes of cereal, you never shamed me. Thank you for helping me avoid All The Shoving of Kids Into Shopping Carts, perfectly placed at eye-level candy racks and grocery aisle time-outs. You hold a big piece of my sanity with your 1-click ordering button.

Amazon Prime, you gave me an app. The most priceless gift for the non-list makers among us. For this I love you.

When my massive pregnant body was sequestered to bed rest, you were there for me. Binge watching Coach Taylor and bless-his-face Riggins season after season helped the days go a little faster. You also introduced me to the world of Downton Abby, I cannot even.

Thank you for indulging my nonsensical whims by providing supplies to make homemade deodorant and lotion at a moments notice. Clearly a phase, but your patience with my purchases is unwavering. You have always accepted my quirks.

Amazon Prime, I now know my delivery man. We have gone so far to as to exchange plant starts, gardening tips and dog stories. You have introduced me to new friends.

Dear Amazon Prime, I think we both know Christmas just wouldn’t happen without you. Avoiding at all costs the ridiculousness of Black Friday like a boss. Together we make Christmas shopping stress free and you graciously allow me to change my cart 82 times.

I’m in it for the long haul Amazon Prime. You had me at free two-day shipping.

Forever yours,

Amazon prime
Photo credit: slickdeals.net

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