Balsamic Reduction

Hello darlings. Well in the PNW it hasn’t stopped raining all week, and it’s that time of year that we locals start to lose it a bit. It’s not so much the constant rain, but the darkness and gloom. Thank goodness for wine, friends and good food, and hygge. Speaking of good food, have you made a balsamic reduction yet?

balsamic reduction

How to Make a Balsamic Reduction

Balsamic reduction is just that – balsamic vinegar cooked down (reduced) a bit to leave you with a thick, concentrated sauce that tastes amazing. You can drizzle the deliciousness over practically anything. It is savory with a hint of sweet and packs in so much flavor. This simple sauce compliments meats, salad, fruit, crusty bread – pretty much anything. And it’s easy to make…here’s the recipe:

  • Bring some balsamic vinegar to a gentle boil in a saucepan (at least 1 cup)
  • Reduce heat to simmer until thick and has reduced by about 1/2 (about 20 or so mins)
  • Cool

See? Doesn’t get any easier. You can store it in the fridge. There are a ton of recipes out there with add-in’s like garlic, honey, figs, etc. Here’s a more detailed balsamic reduction recipe but let’s not make it too complicated, ok?

This week I made a delicious homemade pizza using my very favorite pizza dough recipe from I Heart Naptime. You guys, this pizza dough is so easy to make and it always turns out perfect. I added mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, caramelized onions and some drizzles of the balsamic reduction. It was soooo good!!

balsamic reduction recipe

I hope you try making this special sauce, and let me know how you like it!

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