Happy 5th Birthday Stella!

Stella turns 5

Photo by Kaptured by Koren Photography

My baby is 5 today!

I was cuddling with Stella last night in between birthday parties and I held her and told her the story of the day she was born with tears in my eyes. You know those moments in your life that you can recall so clearly? The details are firmly etched in my heart, I can be transported right back to that day.

The day she was born, the air had a charge in it and it was unusually warm. I remember in between contractions looking out the window at the leaves floating down from the trees and the sun peaking through rain clouds. Looking back, my labor with her was the perfect foreshadowing of what was to come – intense and fast; emotional. But there was a peace in the room as I delivered her too. All the anticipation for her made the moment so much sweeter. I am now surprisingly grateful for the struggle of infertility – the hard reality of conversations with specialists, the miscarriages and the lows I felt during all the unknown. Because when were given the gift of Stella, I held on to her much tighter. I knew the plan for our family was unfolding just as it was supposed to. {read more}

My trip to Portugal

In August, I had the privilege of traveling to Portugal to visit my oldest sister and her family, who have been living there for a couple of years. I brought my oldest son in tow, Cole, and it was such a special time for both of us. We rarely have such concentrated time together, and he is absolutely crazy about his cousins. I can’t thank my hubby, my parents and my in-laws and all the other people enough who helped out taking care of my two and three year old enough so we could go on this very special adventure together. It was my first time to Europe and it was easy to fall in love with such a beautiful country. {read more}

Alaska Vacation

Last month we took at five day vacation to Anchorage, Alaska and had such an adventure. My two college friends, Cynthia and Kalei are from Anchorage and live there now with their families. They invited us up and showed us such a great time. We were also with another college friend, Danielle, and her family. So we had four families, with 10 kids ages 7 and under. It was a busy, exhausting, but amazing trip and we got to see so many of the great sights in Alaska.

On our way to Anchorage

B did great on the flights!



Nature walk

The group - minus two husbands

The group – minus two husbands

Kalei, Danielle, Me and Cynthia

Kalei, Danielle, Me and Cynthia


Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier

Cynthia & Me

Cynthia & Me



Matanuska Glacier

I absolutely loved walking on this glacier. It’s hard to describe how amazing it was, and the pictures don’t even do it justice. It’s so crazy to be walking on solid ice! There were crevasses everywhere but the kids did great exploring and just talking it all in. {read more}

Finding your perspective

Yesterday was Tuesday, and you know how I feel about Tuesdays.

Today has been rough around the edges. We are creeping toward the end of summer and I think we are all a little sick of each other. The background noise of screeching and crying and asking me for things has left my brain fuzzy and weary. But I wanted the pink cup. I’m hungry. Stop hitting me. My turn. Can we watch a show? I don’t want this for dinner. I don’t have any socks that fit. I need new socks right this minute. {read more}

I am 2 today

Oh my, my third is turning two today. My little Beckett who is my boys boy, my tough little thing, is growing up so fast.

When he was born, we were deep in the trenches with a 5 year old, a 2 year old and a newborn. Having a third was a game changer. My cousin likened three kids to being in a constant state of triage – who needs what, and simply prioritizing what needs to be done first. Yes.

I often call Beckett “Mr. Perfect”, which I know sounds weird and dangerous for his little ego. But, what I mean, is that he came at the perfect time, and made the most perfect addition to our family (even though I was scared in a major way of how I could manage it all). He is easy going, full of joy, and the snuggliest of them all. He delights in his siblings with a warm, social little personality. As nice as it can feel sometimes to be moving to the next stage with our kids and getting to know them in new ways, I grieve losing my little baby – especially because he is my last. I love his tough-as-nails but equally sweet personality. He is simply a joy. {read more}