My February Stitch Fix Review, My Favorite Yet!

My 23rd Stitch Fix!

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February Stitch Fix Review If you haven’t read my Stitch Fix reviews yet, please head on over to my very first review to find out more about Stitch Fix and how this service works. In short, Stitch Fix is a personal clothing styling service that sends clothing pieces to your house, to try on at home. It’s perfect for you if you don’t love to shop, don’t have a ton or time or just would rather have someone do some of the legwork for you.

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Stitch Fix has been talking about “style goals” for 2016 – basically thinking about how you can step out of your fashion comfort zone. While my deep thoughts don’t usually include fashion, I did think carefully about what to request this month. I wanted to try a statement piece like a fur vest, and some different cuts like a cold shoulder top and a peplum top. Here’s some of the looks I pinned on my Pinterest fashion favorites board:

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My stylist, Lucy, provided me with a very personalized fix and I had lots of fun styling the different pieces for this review. Let me know what you think in the comments! And don’t forget to check back on the blog this Friday for a very exciting surprise that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to sign up as an email subscriber (in the margin on the right), to always get the latest updates. 🙂

Stitch Fix Lemon Tart Terra Faux Fur Vest Stitch Fix Lemon Tart Terra Faux Fur Vest

Stitch Fix Lemon Tart Terra Faux Fur Vest

Lemon Tart Terra Faux Fur Vest ($128)

This is my Game of Thrones fashion moment. I am so glad Lucy sent this because I have been wanting a faux fur vest. However, I thought this was too much fur for my frame. It was super cozy and I loved the color, but I would prefer a smaller cut. And the price, yikes! My daughter Stella was a big helper 🙂

Verdict: Return

Stitch Fix Alice Blue Nylie Peplum Blouse Stitch Fix Alice Blue Nylie Peplum Blouse

Stitch Fix Alice Blue Nylie Peplum Blouse

Alice Blue Nylie Peplum Blouse ($58)

Buy a similar look here

We aren’t going to talk about how white my legs are. Nope. Not gonna.

I was playing around with the selfie stick that Stitch Fix sent me awhile ago, so some of the pictures are iPhone quality. Selfies are harder than they look.

This top is awesome, it has some stretch and it’s nicely lined, I really love how it feels. It’s a little more dressy than I usually wear so I didn’t think I would want to keep it, but I know I’ll wear it. I paired it here with a pencil skirt, because I’m channeling my inner Kardashian.

Verdict: Keep

Stitch Fix Taylor Poe Dress Stitch Fix Taylor Poe Dress Stitch Fix Taylor Poe Dress

Taylor Poe Dress ($88)

Also pictured here and here. You can also buy it here!

This dress is ridiculously cute and I had a grand old time bouncing around my house in it. Oh and it has pockets. I love dresses with pockets. Unfortunately this dress just didn’t work for me. I wanted it to so badly. But, I am short and have an annoyingly short torso and it made me feel stumpy. It was a little too big. I would definitely pin this dress for your stylist if you carry more weight in your hips or thighs because it would do a great job of hiding those areas and emphasizing a waistline. I do not have much of a waistline. Working hard on that these days. Planks. So many planks.

Verdict: Return

Stitch Fix Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean Stitch Fix Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean ($78)

Also pictured here, here and here (maternity). Buy a similar pair here!

I get why these are popular request for Stitch Fix. These are like wearing toddler pants. Like pajama jeans. God bless the designer that made fashionable jeggings for adults. They are so comfortable, in a thick material like a jean, but soft with a banded waistband. I will wear these until they have holes in them.

Verdict: Keep


Stitch Fix Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

Stitch Fix Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

RD Style Nalea Cold Shoulder Knit Top ($54)

Also pictured here

When I tried this on for my hubby he immediately said this was a keeper. Who knew? I think this will be fun for a night out when I want to be comfortable, but it’s a little different.

Verdict: Keep

What did you think of this fix? Will you be pinning any of these pieces for your Stitch Fix stylist? Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, I’ve also been hanging out on Instagram!

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I’m going to wrap it up with some (let me be clear, there were many, many taken) of my daughter’s selfies she took while I was trying on my new clothes. 😉

stella selfies

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  1. I got the same jeans in my box this month. I have to agree they are the most comfortable pants ever…toddler pull-ups!! Love the cold shoulder shirt!

  2. Oooh three of my unicorns. The Liverpool Mira’s, Taylor Poe dress, and any cold shoulder shirt. I’m drooling. You really rocked that cold shoulder though. I must agree with your husband. Nice fix!

  3. I’m so jealous of the fur vest! I begged for that one but never received it 🙁 I did find one on my own that I’m super happy with and for a much better price! That peplum top and the dress look darling on you!

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