Friday Favorites

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This is my current response to the political mess that is happening in our country. Let’s just throw a party instead of spending another three hours watching a group of grown ups acting like morons debate. It reminds me too much of being in the car with my kids.

Friday Favorites

Smoothie with a Kick
My new favorite smoothie with a shot of coffee. Blend up 1 cup almond milk (or other milk, I like unsweetened vanilla almond milk), one shot of coffee, one scoop vanilla protein powder (I love this one)  and a few ice cubes. It’s so delicious and a different way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee with some protein.

Guess the Gas Price
We have a new game in our family. I spend a lot of time in the car these days and we have to stop for gas more often. So, we made up a game where we each guess how much the gas is going to cost. For some reason my kids think this is the most fun thing EVER. Beckett, my two year old, always guesses “five”. He really thinks he’s in on the game though so we just go with it. Do you have any traditions with your kids like this? It’s so funny how these little things start, and quickly become one of your special “things”.

Stitch Fix Has Shoes!
My obsession with Stitch Fix continues, they are now carrying shoes. While the pair I received in my last fix didn’t end up in my closet, I love what I’m seeing so far. ———->

Funniest Parenting Tweets
Why did I not know about this until now? Read them here. You will die.

That’s all for now folks. There are grown adults walking around in bunny ears in the coffee shop I’m sitting in. I have to figure this out.

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