Friday Favorites – Christmas is Coming!

Another Friday is here and I’m back with a few Friday Favorites. Are you feeling ready for Christmas? I secretly really want it to snow here, I am crushing on my Instagram feed of all the beautiful snow pictures across the country.

Christmas is hectic and exciting for kids, and I like to take a minute with my kids to remind them what all the symbols of Christmas represent. My son just asked me last night why we put Christmas lights up on our house right now. My answer was, “because it’s pretty, it’s dark a lot now, and it can remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.” He’s four, so he just said, “Oh”. But I like to think these little conversations will stick around for the long haul. Check out this handy little printable of Christmas symbols, over at the Crafty Classroom. So simple, but so important.

christian christmas symbols
via The Crafty Classroom

We just started baking up some Christmas goodies and I have to share my tried and true recipe for No Spread Sugar Cookies from BakeSpace. I have use this recipe every year for our cutout cookies, and I just love the touch of almond flavoring. The cookies really do hold their shape and this recipe make a huge batch.

christmas cookie cut outs

Last but not least, my pick for the best white elephant gift: the Dad Bag Fanny Pack. Are fanny packs trying to make a comeback? Maybe. Should they? Absolutely not. I did see a woman the other day with a designer fanny pack working it. This however, is just all kinds of horrible. So therefore, the perfect white elephant gift 🙂

dad bag fanny pack amazon

Have a great weekend everyone!

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