How to Freeze a PB&J Sandwich


You guys. How did I not know this???

This very shortcut is right after my freezer meal loving heart. Did you know you can make ahead PB&J sandwiches and freeze them? Meaning, you could make up a bunch and each day pull one out and put it in a lunch box? I know.

freezer sandwich

My son wants the exact same thing for lunch everyday, it’s how he’s wired. I have tried turkey and cheese, ham and cheese and even tuna (never send that again mom, it stinks!) for his lunches but he likes the old standby, a good ‘ole PB&J.

Now my husband typically makes lunch for my oldest (I know. Love him.) But life has been extra busy lately and I’m always looking for a way to simplify. So when a friend told me about the freeze-ahead PB&J phenomenon, I had to try.

There’s just one little trick that makes it work: put peanut butter on both slices of bread, with the jam in the middle. That way you won’t have a soggy sandwich when it thaws. Easy, right?

What I did was make up a bunch at a time and put them in sandwich bags, and then bag those in gallon bags to keep them fresh.

make ahead and freeze pb&j sandwiches

Caveat: if you are trying to use less plastic bags like me, you could just pull out the frozen sandwich when you are making lunch (we have these lunch boxes that I love, that have a spot for a sandwich) and reuse the bags. 

And I will have you know this was kid tested and approved. When I picked my son up today from school I asked him how his sandwich was and he said it wasn’t still frozen and he liked it because it was still cold.

Is it weird that these kinds of things make me happy? Are you gonna try it?

freezer pb&J sandwich

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