Review: Stitch Fix February 2015

A beautiful little Stitch Fix box arrived on my porch last week!

Do you know about Stitch Fix yet? Think of it as a virtual clothing stylist, that allows you to try on clothes in the privacy of your own home. Ahhhhh. It really couldn’t be easier. You sign up, fill our a style profile and any specific clothing requests, and pay a $20 styling fee. Then a stylist picks five items for you and they arrive in the mail. Returns are free, they make it super easy. And your styling fee goes toward any purchases. No toddlers running around the dressing room and no snap decisions because you just need to get the heck out of the store with your children in tow. Perfect, right?

I’ve done quite a few Stitch Fixes and I have had the best experience over the last year. Some of my favorite items in my closet are from my Stitch Fix boxes, I’ve even purchased three pairs of jeans, which is pretty crazy that they have sent me three pairs that all fit perfectly!

I am sad to say that this Stitch Fix was a total bust. My sweet stylist let me down. You will see.

february 2015 stitch fix review

Let’s get this party started.

braddon airy knit v-neck sweaterRD Style Braddon Airy Knit V-Neck Sweater ($68)

I liked the style of this sweater but I didn’t care for the color. It also fit well, but the sleeves were super short and I knew they would drive me crazy.
Verdict: Return 

jayde fringe trimmed cardigan

Renee C Jayde Fringe Trimmed Cardigan ($48)

Oh man. I wanted to like this but it was like one big short square with fringe. I was trying not to laugh in the picture. Cozy, but not my thing.
Verdict: Return 

lisa lace trim knit top

Skies are Blue Lisa Lace Trim Knit Top ($68)

I thought this was super cute and I liked the bright color. It was also comfortable because it had a lot of stretch to it. However, I was bummed when I saw the price. Too much for me to spend on something I don’t absolutely love.
Verdict: Return 

neil collared tunic

Mystree Neil Collared Tunic ($64)

 I had asked for tunics and I loved the way this fit and the fabric was soft and comfortable. My only issue was the color. I think I would wear it a lot if it was in a different color, even just a brighter hue of purple but I just didn’t think I would wear the lavender color. Just not me.
Verdict: Return

uruguay pintuck detail top

 Skies are Blue Uruguay Pintuck Detail Top ($48)

I saved the best for last (eye roll). You guys, I just can’t. This picture doesn’t do this shirt justice. It had a pintuck detail under the bust and then a lot of fabric. It felt like it made me look huge. It was like a maternity top. I actually put a soccer ball under and there was still plenty of room. And the print, no no no. Darn it!
Verdict: Return

So…not the best fix. This was the first time I have not kept something from a Stitch Fix. I can say that overall I have had a really good experience with Stitch Fix so while I’m disappointed with this particular fix, I will try again.

I do think that I could have given my stylist some more information to give her a better idea of what I’d like to receive. They really do take your preferences into account, so this just appeared to not be the best match of stylist for me. Until next month…

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, please use my referral link*

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*This post is not sponsored and the opinions are all my own. I do receive a small credit through Stitch Fix if you sign up using my referral link.

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  1. Oh I really liked the blue sweater and LOVED that red on you. It really makes your skin pop. Maybe you can find something similar because it’s a lovely color on you.

  2. I love reading these reviews that you do – I actually think that red Skies are Blue knit top is ADORABLE on you!!! I’m going to request it in my next Fix after seeing it on you! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Aw…thank you! I think I need a few more days to decide on what I want to keep, because I am kind of wishing I had kept that top!

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