Review: Stitch Fix November 2014

Stitch Fix is a clothing styling service that sends you five pieces of clothing or accessories based on a style profile you complete. You can have a monthly subscription or choose to do it as little or as often as you’d like. There is a $20 styling fee that goes toward the purchase of anything you choose to keep. You have three days to try on the items at home and decide what you want to own and what you want to send back. The box comes with a prepaid, pre-addressed return envelope so returning is super easy.

I have been doing Stitch Fix for a while now and as an avid online shopper, it’s a service I love and appreciate. I have received many fun items and three pairs of jeans that fit like a glove. Amazing! I have several friends that also do Stitch Fix, and we send each other pictures of what we get and gather opinions. Of course there are always things that aren’t me, or I don’t like the price of, but overall I have been very happy with my “fixes”.

My November Stitch Fix box included a sweater, a flannel cardigan, a sweatshirt,
a pair of polka dot jeans and a metal cuff.

Let’s open the box!

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Here we go…

Stitch Fix sweatshirt, stitch fix reviews, stitchfix review

Genevieve Jacquard & Studded Detail Sweatshirt by Hem & Thread ($54)

At first I thought I would hate this, it’s not something I would naturally pick out if I was shopping. But it was very comfortable, just like wearing a sweatshirt, but had nice detail to it that made it seem much more put together. While I liked the concept, I just didn’t love it.   Verdict: Return

Stitch Fix flannel cardigan, stitch fix review

Guiliano Plaid & Fringe Cotton Cardigan by En Creme ($54)

This was interesting. I went back a forth a bit. My stylist picked it because on my pinterest style board I had pinned some flannel shirts. I liked the flannel print, but I didn’t love the long fringe in the front. It was comfy, but I didn’t think I would wear it much or that it was my style.
Verdict: Return

Stitch Fix Sweater, stitch fix reviews, stitch fix review, november

Atticus Pointelle Knit Sweater by Brixon Ivy ($58)

I loved this sweater. While it’s simple, it is so soft and I love the vibrant color. It’s made of a synthetic cashmere, so it’s easy to care for but super thin even though it’s warm. I liked the detail and it makes a great piece for layering. I also don’t have anything similar to it in my closet. Verdict: Keep

Stitch Fix polka dot jeans, stitch fix review

Parcey Polka Dot Skinny Jean by Kut From The Kloth ($78)

Polka dot jeans! I was squealing with delight when I saw these! These are very me, my daughter even has a similar pair. They are a dark navy with black dots. I would have bought these in a heartbeat, but they were a tad too big. I thought they would stretch too much when I wore them. I requested them in the next size down in my next box, so we’ll see if I get them again.
Verdict: Return

Stitch Fix gold cuff, stitch fix review

Martin Mini Layered Metal Cuff by Zad ($28)

This was cute and I would wear it, but I don’t tend to keep the jewelry because it is a little pricy for my taste. I did love the look of this as a very versatile piece.
Verdict: Return

In addition to your items, the box comes with a note from your stylist and a stylist card that shows you what to pair the items with and different looks you can try.

So that’s my November Stitch Fix! Pretty fun right? If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix, use this link to get signed up. There is no commitment, you can just try once!

Stitch Fix

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