Dear Moms of Only Children

moms of only children

This topic has been on my heart lately. I have several mom friends that have one child and they so often throw me the line, “it’s easier for me, I only have one,” or “you’ve already got your hands full and I just have the one child.” Stop apologizing moms of only children, you’ve got it tough too.

I have three kids now, but for the first four years of motherhood, I had one. Many of my friends around me were having their second child. I watched them through the transition of having multiple children, and in many ways, I struggled to relate. My world as a stay at home mom wasn’t changing, but theirs was going thru a complete overhaul. I felt a little lost. {read more}

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When Being a Stay At Home Mom Sucks

Got your attention? The alternate title was “When You Miss Pooping Without an Audience”.

Listen mamas, I’m not going to write a list of complaints about being a stay at home mom. But I am going to be real.

This full-time mom thing is no joke. I like the term full-time mom because stay at home mom implies to me that I am sitting home reading a book while my kids play. Ha! Um yeah.

I have an education, I had a career, and now the majority of my days are consumed with home keeping and raising three kiddos. One day I was working, and it seemed like an instant later I was driving a minivan around filled with three little whiners. It was an intentional choice to stay home with my kids but can I just tell you, that it’s just not that fulfilling much of the time? I know, *gasp*! {read more}

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Finding your perspective

Yesterday was Tuesday, and you know how I feel about Tuesdays.

Today has been rough around the edges. We are creeping toward the end of summer and I think we are all a little sick of each other. The background noise of screeching and crying and asking me for things has left my brain fuzzy and weary. But I wanted the pink cup. I’m hungry. Stop hitting me. My turn. Can we watch a show? I don’t want this for dinner. I don’t have any socks that fit. I need new socks right this minute. {read more}

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A Letter to a Strong-Willed Child

I’m going to start migrating my personal family blog over here, so you will start seeing some posts about my husband and kids. You can find my old blog over at The World Spins Madly On.

I have been struggling so much with parenting my three year old lately. I want so badly to do the right thing in parenting her, to bring out the best in her. But it’s hard. So hard. She falls into the strong-willed camp, and I want her to know that it’s not a bad thing. So I wrote her a letter today, in hopes that someday I can read it to her when she needs to hear it. {read more}

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Infertility, Miscarriage and God

The topic of infertility and miscarriage has been on my mind so heavily lately. Maybe it’s because it’s Christmas time, or seeing pregnant bellies, or just taking a few minutes to step back and savor my kids (even though they have been fighting constantly!)

Before I had three kids, we went down the bumpy road of infertility. I’m going to share my story and what I learned through the very difficult process, but know that I come before you humbly. I know so many out there have suffered and are suffering beyond what I experienced. Please  know that my heart pains for you and I understand the unyielding yearning for a child. {read more}

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