A New Way to Use Essential Oils

a new way to diffuse essential oils stones

One of my most popular posts is 20 Ways to Use Essentials Oils in Your Home, and I’m so excited to share another new way that I just learned about!

20 ways to use essential oils in your home

Caveat –  I know there is a TON of info out there about essential oils and I want to reassure you that I am not affiliated with and do not represent any particular brand of essential oils. I just love using them in my home for a variety of reasons, and I use a number of different brands depending on what I’m using them for.  {read more}

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Friday Favorites

It’s Friday y’all! I’m ending this week with another round-up of some of my favorites. Let’s start with some introspection:

too sexy, friday favorites

The answer is most likely YES.

Just Natural: In addition to the discovery of my crazy hair fix, I found this amazing hair product line. It seems expensive at first, but a little goes a very long way. I seriously can’t believe how amazing it makes my hair feel.

just natural hair care
From Just Natural

True Detective: Apparently we live under a rock and I’m just now hearing about True Detective on HBO. Matthew McConaughey is amazing in this gritty, murder mystery drama. Season 2 is kind of a flop though, you’ve been warned. {read more}

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The Laundry Stain Hack

fels naptha soap

I have used this trick for laundry stains for years now. I specifically remember scrubbing cherry flavored chapstick out of all my clothes in high school when I forgot to check the pockets before throwing my dirty clothes in the wash. (Please don’t do this, it’s an awful mess.)

But with this easy laundry stain hack, you can deal with stained clothing quickly, and cheaply! I especially love using this for kids clothes, that get grimy fast.

fels naptha laundry soap

You will need two things:

1 bar of Fels-Naptha Laundry Soap

1 citrus produce bag
(look for the mesh bags that clementines or lemons come in) {read more}

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How to Prevent Dark Jeans from Bleeding

kut from the kloth tag

If you’ve ever worn a new pair of dark wash jeans, you probably ended up with blue hands. The dark dye used in these washes can easily transfer to skin, clothing and furniture. This transfer of dye is officially called “crocking”. Whatever it’s called, it’s annoying! Say no to smurf hands.

Luckily, there are a couple of easy steps you can take to prevent dark jeans from bleeding. If you buy a new pair of jeans and find a tag on them warning you of the potential dye transfer, you need to follow these steps first thing. If you already have a pair of dark jeans, you can still use these techniques to prevent the dye from bleeding in the future. {read more}

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You’re Doing it Wrong: HE Washer Mistakes

laundry, washer timer, he washer, soap

You’re Doing it Wrong: HE Washer Mistakes

Your HE washer is working away, and the timer says there are 20 minutes left in the cycle. You come back to transfer the load to the dryer 20 minutes later, but it’s still rinsing and says it still has 13 minutes left in the cycle. Sound familiar?

Why is the cycle taking longer than expected on your HE washer?

Well, I did some research on this and the answer is simple: it all comes down to the detergent. What kind, how much and failure to regularly deep clean any residue from your washer.

HE Washer Basics

High efficiency washers use less water, and the tumbling action creates more suds in your machine than a standard washer. A typical HE washer has two to four rinse cycles, as opposed one rinse cycle in a standard machine. They require less soap, and low sudsing soap, to make sure the clothing is adequately rinsed and properly cleaned. {read more}

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