Three Ways to Reuse Your Stitch Fix Boxes

Today I’m sharing three different ways to reuse your Stitch Fix boxes. If you haven’t read my recent Stitch Fix Review, head on over now and be sure to enter my giveaway!

If you’re a loyal Stitch Fix customer, keep your boxes! The inside of the box has a cute print, and if you turn them inside out you can upcycle them for different uses. Here are three of my favorites!

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How to Reuse Your Stitch Fix Boxes


Carefully take your box apart, and retape it together inside out to get a cute, patterned box you can use for anything. I use several in my closet to keep scarves, hats and other misc items organized. You could keep one in your front closet, or even in your car for small items that need a place to go.

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How to Make a Solar Night Light

Today I’m sharing the easiest little DIY project that you can do with your kids. I came up with this solar night light idea because my four-year old daughter is scared of the dark and we’ve tried so many things to help her sleep at night, but she still sleeps with her bedside light on. I don’t think this is good for her so we worked together to make a little solar night light that she could put on her nightstand instead. She had so much fun putting it together and of course my boys wanted one too.

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A New Way to Use Essential Oils

a new way to diffuse essential oils stones

One of my most popular posts is 20 Ways to Use Essentials Oils in Your Home, and I’m so excited to share another new way that I just learned about!

20 ways to use essential oils in your home

Caveat –  I know there is a TON of info out there about essential oils and I want to reassure you that I am not affiliated with and do not represent any particular brand of essential oils. I just love using them in my home for a variety of reasons, and I use a number of different brands depending on what I’m using them for. 

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DIY Art Caddy

diy art caddy

I am constantly inspired by all the great organization tips I see on blogs and Pinterest, and I am so happy to share with you my solution to organizing all my kids art supplies with this DIY Art Caddy. I love it because it is functional, but it also looks great when it is out on our dining room table (which is pretty much every day!)

I got the idea over at Clean Mama. If you don’t already follow her, run over and check her out right now. She’s amazing.

Anyway, she had a homework caddy she made using mason jars and a utensil bin, and I loved the idea. Such a pretty, but simple way to keep all that stuff together.

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Picture Hanging Hack

picture hanging hack

Do you know about the toothpaste picture hanging hack?

I am more of a measure once, and hang kind of girl. I don’t get too caught up in things being perfectly aligned and all of that, but it is much easier to hang once and not have to patch a bunch of holes, so I introduce to you a little trick for hanging things on your walls easily.

In my example, I’ll be hanging up letters, not a picture frame, but it’s the same concept.

picture hanging hack

Step 1: Dot toothpaste on your frame/other item where you want the nail hole to be.

wall hanging hack

Step 2: Press and hold the item up on the wall where you want it to go. The dot of toothpaste will transfer to the wall when you remove the frame or whatever item you are hanging.

picture hanging hack


picture hanging trick

Step 3: Hammer in your nail in the middle of the toothpaste mark.

wall hanging hack

Step 4: Wipe away the toothpaste from both the wall and whatever you are hanging, and hang it on the wall! See? So easy.

wall hanging hack

(Beckett is my youngest boy, I’m finally getting his name up in his room after we transferred him at a year! Whatever.)

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