October Stitch Fix Review

Why hello! It’s been a while since I’ve ordered a Stitch Fix box and done a review. We moved and it was so relaxing. ::insert eye roll::  It forced me to touch everything we own (yikes – where does all the stuff come from?). I did some serious purging of my closet and decided I didn’t really need anything new for the summer.

Fall is another story, and I had to have another fashion fix. I requested a pair of jeans, some layering pieces and some casual sneakers from my stylist. I should note that this box came at the perfect time, on the day that I needed it most. The Stitch Fix Gods were looking out for this haggard mama who needed to feel like an adult again and get out of workout clothes. {read more}

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Fall Stitch Fix Review

It’s fall y’all!

Well, kind of. Here in the PNW we’re having a hot fall so far, it was 80 degrees yesterday. I have been anxiously awaiting some cooler weather – don’t get me wrong, I’m a warm weather girl – but I’m ready for the next season.

This was my #19 Stitch Fix, you might say I have a problem. I was about to give up on this online personal clothing styling service, but on my last fix, I found my stylist. And she’s awesome!

Haven’t heard of Stitch Fix? Start with my first Stitch Fix review to get all the details. {read more}

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