How to Make an Iced Matcha Latte

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing my favorite caffeinated treat for summer, an Iced Matcha Latte.

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What the heck is Matcha?

If you’re not familiar with matcha, it’s a very concentrated green tea powder. This means you get all the benefits of green tea (antioxidants, metabolism booster, detoxification – just to name a few) by just using a small amount. I personally love the flavor, it’s very earthy. I find that it gives me a nice energy burst, but in a more gradual, sustained way than coffee. You can find the matcha powder at most grocery stores, or online (I use this one). {read more}

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New Year Stitch Fix Review + Giveaway!

I’m back with my latest Stitch Fix Review and…a GIVEAWAY!

This Stitch Fix box was a fun one. It’s been super cold and grey here in the Northwest so I was looking for layers and comfy pieces, with pops of color. I also requested a pair of sneakers and some black distressed jeans. While I had some fit issues, I loved these selections my stylist made for me.

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Wondering what the heck Stitch Fix is? Start here! {read more}

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You’re Doing it Wrong: HE Washer Mistakes

laundry, washer timer, he washer, soap

You’re Doing it Wrong: HE Washer Mistakes

Your HE washer is working away, and the timer says there are 20 minutes left in the cycle. You come back to transfer the load to the dryer 20 minutes later, but it’s still rinsing and says it still has 13 minutes left in the cycle. Sound familiar?

Why is the cycle taking longer than expected on your HE washer?

Well, I did some research on this and the answer is simple: it all comes down to the detergent. What kind, how much and failure to regularly deep clean any residue from your washer.

HE Washer Basics

High efficiency washers use less water, and the tumbling action creates more suds in your machine than a standard washer. A typical HE washer has two to four rinse cycles, as opposed one rinse cycle in a standard machine. They require less soap, and low sudsing soap, to make sure the clothing is adequately rinsed and properly cleaned. {read more}

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Nightstand Makeover with Chalk Paint

The master bedroom is often one of the last rooms to get decorated. This is sad, considering how much time we spend there, and how important having a relaxing and inviting space is to the start and finish of our day.

Until last year, we didn’t ever have a headboard and we are coming up on 10 years of marriage. It’s time to start living like grown ups. I’m going piece by piece through this room, and I’m so excited to show you how my nightstand makeover with chalk paint turned out! {read more}

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7 Ways to Be More Green at Home

It’s not always easy being green at home. But the good news is, you can make some small, simple changes at home to lessen your impact to the environment, without giving up convenience.

Check out my 7 ways to be more green at home – without giving up paper towels!

paper towels and reusable paper towels

1.Replace single-use paper towels with reusable cloths.

The Handi Wipes pictured can be rinsed and reused at least 20 times. I liked to keep these around and use for a few days for cleaning up sticky hands, wiping down the counters and simple cleaning. Then I rinse them well and let them dry in between uses. I really love these reusable cloths because they dry really fast, work great and are less expensive than using single-use paper towels. And they can also be washed in your washer if you like to really clean them in between uses. {read more}

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