10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

stocking stuffer ideas for men

Stuck on what to fill the stockings with for the men in your life? Here are 10 stocking stuffer ideas just for men that are beyond candy and gift cards.

amazon whiskey balls

Whiskey Balls

You can find these in stainless steel or get ice molds. Super cool for any whiskey drinker.

amazon credit card bottle opener

Credit Card Bottle Opener

Because you never know when you’ll need one.

amazon portable charger

Portable Phone Charger

These little portable phone chargers are super convenient, especially for men that travel often and don’t want to be stuck next to the airport outlet just to charge up their phone or devices. {read more}

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

You know my love for Amazon Prime. Well today is Cyber Monday and I’m rounding up my favorite Amazon deals to share with you. Happy shopping!

*this post contains affiliate links

Toys and Games

amazon cyber monday magformers

Magformers – These magnetic tiles were recommended to me from a friend a few years ago and they are a main staple in our toy box that all ages enjoy. They offer endless creative play. When not building with them, my kids like to scatter them along the floor and go “fishing” for them with something metal. They are pricey, but worth it. Today most sets are marked down, some almost half off the regular price. {read more}

December Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix Review December 2015 A Bada Bing Blog. Personal blog of Haley Pearson. Stitch Fix is a personal online clothing styling service for women. www.stitchfix.com

A New Year and No Diets!

New Years Resolutions. We either believe in them and get serious or we laugh them off. Most of us will choose weight loss. The gyms will be flooded for the next couple of months until most of us give up. We’ll go stock up our fridges with all the right stuff and we’ll read new diet books. We’ll start up calorie counting apps and refill our water bottles. But it never seems to last, does it?

do these sweatpants make me look fat?

So what if we looked at it differently this time? What if we stay away from diets. What if we don’t count calories. What if we say yes to carbs and don’t pass up the glass of wine? {read more}

Thank You Cards for Kids

One thing mama always said, was how important sending thank you cards is. Every year, after Christmas or a birthday, we sat down to write thank you cards for each of our gifts received and for celebrating the special days with us.

I’m trying to pass this on to my kids, as later on if they have an important job interview, receive a special gift or help, or have a big life event like a graduation or wedding, I want them to feel comfortable writing out their thanks and appreciation.

Right now, my kids are little and so I have created these special thank you cards for kids, with fill-in the blank spaces that are simple but sweet. It teaches them the importance of not just saying thank you, but being specific about why they appreciate what they received. {read more}