December Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix Review December 2015 A Bada Bing Blog. Personal blog of Haley Pearson. Stitch Fix is a personal online clothing styling service for women.

November Stitch Fix Review and a GIVEAWAY!

November Stitch Fix Review and a Giveaway!

Hello my friends! This month a lovely Stitch Fix box showed up on my doorstep right as I was fighting a miserable cold/flu bug. The good thing is, my kids took one look at me and realized how poorly I felt, and told me to go to bed and rest all day and they would clean the house. Wait, that was a dream.

Given my icky-ness, I didn’t even look at the fix for a few days (I know!), but I’m happy to say it’s another good one from my one and only stylist Julie.

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Fall Stitch Fix Review

It’s fall y’all!

Well, kind of. Here in the PNW we’re having a hot fall so far, it was 80 degrees yesterday. I have been anxiously awaiting some cooler weather – don’t get me wrong, I’m a warm weather girl – but I’m ready for the next season.

This was my #19 Stitch Fix, you might say I have a problem. I was about to give up on this online personal clothing styling service, but on my last fix, I found my stylist. And she’s awesome!

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Stitch Fix Review: I found my stylist!

stitch fix review september 2015

You guys. I was about to give up on Stitch Fix and I’m so glad I didn’t! I have found my stylist. (If you’re wondering, her name is Julie. Julie, you are rad. I have a feeling we are going to get to know each other well.)

This time around I asked for fall pieces and made some specific requests, like eggplant jeans and a peplum top. While I didn’t get those exact items, I feel like Julie really got my style and definitely paid attention to my Stitch Fix Pinterest board. I loved everything she sent. {read more}

How to Prevent Dark Jeans from Bleeding

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If you’ve ever worn a new pair of dark wash jeans, you probably ended up with blue hands. The dark dye used in these washes can easily transfer to skin, clothing and furniture. This transfer of dye is officially called “crocking”. Whatever it’s called, it’s annoying! Say no to smurf hands.

Luckily, there are a couple of easy steps you can take to prevent dark jeans from bleeding. If you buy a new pair of jeans and find a tag on them warning you of the potential dye transfer, you need to follow these steps first thing. If you already have a pair of dark jeans, you can still use these techniques to prevent the dye from bleeding in the future. {read more}