How to Add Hygge in Your Life

My interest in hygge started last year when I was in the checkout line at Marshalls. I had one of those thick, faux fur throws in my basket and the woman behind me commented that I would love it, that she had the same one at home. I smiled in agreement and as we chatted, she asked me if I knew about the Danish practice of hygge (pronounced: HOO-gah).

What is Hygge?

I don’t remember exactly how she defined it to me at the time, but she had a serene glow as she explained. She told me about her daily ritual of putting everything down and sitting with her husband under cozy blankets with a hot cup of tea. Just to sit, just to connect, with the flicker of candlelight and a mindset of rest and rejuvenation. Sometimes they would read, sometimes they would rest, sometimes they would just sit and savor a sweet treat. She described the setting, but what I took away more was the intention, and the purposeful connection. Time set aside each day for self-care, for community, and for rest. She told me to look it up, because there was so much more to it than she could explain. Her words stuck with me, and I started to do some research. {read more}

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7 Ways to Be More Green at Home

It’s not always easy being green at home. But the good news is, you can make some small, simple changes at home to lessen your impact to the environment, without giving up convenience.

Check out my 7 ways to be more green at home – without giving up paper towels!

paper towels and reusable paper towels

1.Replace single-use paper towels with reusable cloths.

The Handi Wipes pictured can be rinsed and reused at least 20 times. I liked to keep these around and use for a few days for cleaning up sticky hands, wiping down the counters and simple cleaning. Then I rinse them well and let them dry in between uses. I really love these reusable cloths because they dry really fast, work great and are less expensive than using single-use paper towels. And they can also be washed in your washer if you like to really clean them in between uses. {read more}

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