Spring 2016 Fashion Trends Anyone Can Try

I was browsing through photos of the Spring 2016 runways and fashion week the other day; I’m always so baffled. Obviously nobody dresses like this on the regular, and high fashion is just a whole other world – more like works of art.

However, there are some recurrent trends that popped up that anyone can incorporate if you’re looking to stay a little fashion forward. Oh and the 90’s styles are coming back so get your dark lipliner ready and pull out your Nirvana. No, seriously. I’m really not ready for overalls to make a comeback, people. Oh my gosh velvet chokers. I just cannot. There were also a lot of Spanish inspired styles. Hmmmmm. {read more}

HUGE Stitch Fix Giveaway!

Stitch Fix Giveaway

You guys know I love the clothing styling service Stitch Fix, and I am so excited to share this HUGE Stitch Fix Giveaway!

Valentine’s Day is coming and I’ve partnered with some other fabulous bloggers to share the love with this $500 Stitch Fix Giveaway! Enter the giveaway below and a winner will be chosen in one week.

The skinny: Stitch Fix is a personal clothing styling service. You pay $20 and fill out a style profile, and you receive five items (clothing, purses, accessories, jewelry, and now shoes!) in the mail. You have a few days to try on the pieces and do your shopping at home, and then you mail back anything you don’t want to purchase in a pre-paid envelope. The $20 styling fee goes toward any purchases, and if you decide to keep all five pieces, you get a 20% discount. Stitch Fix also offers maternity! If you’re interested in trying it out, please use my referral link. I love to pass on my referral money as giveaways back to my dear readers. 🙂 {read more}

Nightstand Makeover with Chalk Paint

The master bedroom is often one of the last rooms to get decorated. This is sad, considering how much time we spend there, and how important having a relaxing and inviting space is to the start and finish of our day.

Until last year, we didn’t ever have a headboard and we are coming up on 10 years of marriage. It’s time to start living like grown ups. I’m going piece by piece through this room, and I’m so excited to show you how my nightstand makeover with chalk paint turned out! {read more}

Review: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

I have an exciting new product to show you: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara!

When I was growing up, one of my best friends moms wore false eyelashes every day. It was fabulous. I probably would do the same if I could get away with it because who doesn’t get an extra skip in their step with some gorgeous mile long lashes?

I had the chance to try a new product that applies like a mascara, but gives you more of a falsie look, and it’s pretty fab. So here is my little review of the
Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. {read more}

Footstool makeover

Think twice when you see something that looks like junk at a garage sale or Goodwill.

This sad little footstool was at a friend’s garage sale last weekend and I snatched it up to give it a makeover for my friend who is a photographer. I thought it would make the perfect little prop for her photos of little ones.

To give it a fresh look, I removed the fabric top part where it was attached with four screws. Then I gave the wood a quick sand and gave it two coats of black paint with a can of spray paint. I had some leftover fabric (I’m obsessed with chevron, this is Premier Prints) so I eye-balled it and cut out enough to leave a couple of inches of overlap around the edges. I wrapped the fabric around starting on one side, tucking the raw edge under then used a staple gun to hold it in place. I worked my way around being sure to hold it really tight to keep the fabric smooth and the print lined up across the edge. {read more}