Stitch Fix Review August 2015

My 17th Stitch Fix has arrived early! However, I’m sad to say this one was a bit of a disappointment for me. I have a vacation coming up and I specifically requested some warm weather items and good casual pieces for traveling, and I pinned a ton of my favorite looks. But…my stylist really missed the mark. Bummer.

(Wondering what Stitch Fix is? Start at my first Stitch Fix Review to get all the details about this clothing styling service.)

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July 2015 Stitch Fix Review: Cynthia

stitch fix, #stitchfix

Meet my dear college friend Cynthia. She’s the one that got me started on Stitch Fix and when I was recently visiting her in Alaska, she had a Stitch Fix delivered so we got to review it together!

Now, don’t be jealous of Cynthia’s good looks y’all. She’s just a stunner. And I can attest that she looks gorgeous first thing in the morning. It was fun to see her try things on because she could wear a burlap sack and I would be all, “wow, your legs are a mile long” or ” could you look any thinner?” However, she was a little disappointed with this Stitch Fix, mostly because of fit issues. As you can see she has a tall, lean build so tops are often short on her. Let’s take a look at this Stitch Fix review: {read more}

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Stitch Fix Review: July 2015

Stitch Fix Review: July 2015 and A Giveaway!

Can you believe I’m on my 16th Stitch Fix? This week my box came right after my birthday so it was extra special.

If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, you can start at my first Stitch Fix Review. One of my favorite things about this online personal clothing styling service, is that you can just try it once, there is no ongoing commitment. You have the option to have fixes sent monthly, or you can schedule them whenever you’d like. I love the flexibility. So, if you’d like to try it, please sign up using my Stitch Fix referral link. (I get a small credit, that I like to pass on to my readers in the form of giveaways. Everyone wins ;)) {read more}

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Summer Survival Series: Part Three

I’m back, with part three of my Summer Survival Series. Did you miss the beginning? It’s not too late to catch up, start here.

summer survival, kids, summer break

If you are following along, did you get your daily schedule up? I did, but it keeps falling off the fridge, or rather little fingers keep pulling it off. Tomorrow we’ll find a new spot. BUT, my kids were pretty excited to see what we had planned for the day. So far, so good.

Now we are moving on to three mini organization projects to get you prepped for your summer days. In order to simplify, a little preparation will go a long way. There’s also a little something in it for you! (keep reading) {read more}

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Summer Survival Series: Part Two

summer survival, boredom busters

We’re talking about summer with kids at home, and how you can survive!

Did you miss Part One?  Start here: Summer Survival Series: Part One

Part One of the Summer Survival Series involved making a simple daily schedule. My intention with this was to give the kids a general sense of the day and set expectations, as well as eliminate the constant ask for playdates and snacks.

So now that we have our daily schedule, what happens when we’re having a hard time figuring out how to use up some of that free time? Let me introduce the boredom buster jar.

Summer Survival Series: Part Two

The boredom buster jar is a simple jar with activities written on popsicle sticks. I used this jar as a reward for chores completed, and/or good behavior and attitudes. If we had a great day, the kids got to pick out something from the jar to do. (idea originally found at While He Was Napping) {read more}

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