Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I mean I’m a full-time mom so it’s all the same to me. But yay for the freakin’ weekend.

I didn’t watch the Grammys but can we please all agree that The Biebs needs to shave the mustache? I mean, seriously. You are hurting my eyes and you were just starting to sort-of redeem yourself.

LAP: Speaking of bad styling choices, please view this very important video about LAP (Leggings As Pants) from Jen Hatmaker. Unless you are a toddler, the only exception to the LAP rule. {read more}

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Friday Favorites

It’s Friday y’all! I’m ending this week with another round-up of some of my favorites. Let’s start with some introspection:

too sexy, friday favorites

The answer is most likely YES.

Just Natural: In addition to the discovery of my crazy hair fix, I found this amazing hair product line. It seems expensive at first, but a little goes a very long way. I seriously can’t believe how amazing it makes my hair feel.

just natural hair care
From Just Natural

True Detective: Apparently we live under a rock and I’m just now hearing about True Detective on HBO. Matthew McConaughey is amazing in this gritty, murder mystery drama. Season 2 is kind of a flop though, you’ve been warned. {read more}

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How to clean a TV screen

I learned how to clean a TV screen yesterday.
Let me refine that: I learned how to clean colored pencil off of a TV screen yesterday.

See what my dear, sweet, lovely Stella did?

TV screen with crayon on it

Colored pencil in a lovely sky blue all over the TV screen. I was thinking about how hard she had to push to get the color to transfer on the screen (!) The little booger did this while I was brushing my teeth and of course we were headed out the door and already late so I had to leave it until later.

Amazingly – it ALL CAME OFF! And there was no damage to the screen, it looks completely fine! {read more}

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