New Uses for Wool Dryer Balls

wool dryer balls

Do you already use wool dryer balls in your laundry? If not, you should. They are essentially balls of wool that are felted, that get thrown into the dryer with your wet clothes. Pop a few in the dryer and they bounce around to help your laundry dry more quickly by absorbing moisture and separating clothing, keep your laundry soft and help with static. Dryer balls are a natural alternative to fabric softeners and dryer sheets that can have a ton of chemicals in them.

You can buy wool dryer balls, or you can make them. I have made them and they are very cheap and easy to make. If you’re interested, check out the DIY tutorial here.

I have lots of wool dryer balls and I have started using them in various areas of my house for freshening. I love to use essential oils around our home (see this post all about how to use essential oils in your home) and I have found that the wool dryer balls really soak up and keep the scent of the oil.

wool dryer balls diy other uses laundry

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3 New Ways to Use Wool Dryer Balls

In a closet

Add a few drop of essential oils to a wool dryer ball and place it in your linen closet. This keeps the closet smelling fresh for weeks! Add a few more drops of essential oils to the ball any time you put away linens.

Tuck a scented wool dryer ball in any closet for general freshening and deodorizing.

Inside shoes

My kids are starting to have extra stinky feet and I’ve been searching for some ways to combat the odor. I would prefer a natural alternative to a disinfecting spray and had an “ah ha” moment that I could use my dryer balls! A few drops of deodorizing essential oils (see recommendations below) on the balls will help combat odors. Just place a ball in each shoe while shoes are stored.

wool dryer balls in shoes

Pack one in a bag

A scented dryer ball in a suitcase would ensure that clothes stay fresh while traveling. I always throw in a plastic bag to keep dirty clothes separate from the clean ones, but the extra freshening would be so nice when away from home.

Also, you could throw a scented ball to your gym bag or pool bag to keep things fresh and odor free.

Essential Oils

A word about essential oils… First off, I am not affiliated with any particular brand or company of essential oils and I don’t sell them. I just use them and love them.

I buy a variety of essential oil brands; more high quality oils (DoTerra or Young Living) are used for anything I put on my body or ingest. For basic cleaning and diffusing, I use less expensive brands  (Plant Therapy, NOW, Simply Earth), as I am mostly using them for fragrance.

For laundry and deodorizing purposes there are some great blends available. The blends typically include a citrus (lemongrass, citronella or grapefruit), an anti-bacterial (lavender, melaleuca) and other oils like rosemary, bergamot or myrtle. You could make your own blend by combining some of your favorite oils or find a blend that you like. Here are some great essential oils you can find on Amazon:

Do you use dryer balls? How would you use them in areas of your home other than the laundry?

wool dryer balls

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